Trades and explanations of my reasonings.

I think there will be 4 categories of posts:

  • Trades

My calls on the market. Could be on various horizons with different goal and set-ups.

I will go back on them and see what want well and what didn’t

Ex: 13.12.2016 – OPEC Deal fallouts: Short Trading Opportunity

  • Small posts on the market

Ex: Oil is a Very Noisy Market. Learn to sit through Volatility

  • In depth analysis

Post with more data and idea about a specific topic

Ex: Oil Trading Method: General Approach, tips and basics check-list.

  • Random post on other asset classes

Mainly on stocks, volatility and other commodities

Ex: 20.12.2916 – Medium-term great risk/return Trading Opportunity: Long Volatility (VIX)

Do not hesitate to comment/ ask questions

Would like some feedback & criticism, I am new in blogging